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About Us

Softime, a sub-brand of FilTime, is a global online data solution provider, is committed to providing global Amazon sellers with objective data from various Amazon marketplaces to improve the efficiency of the whole Amazon marketplace's data collection, statistics, sorting and analysis.

Only by comparison can we find a more suitable one!

Sorftime advocates paying more attention to the market rules and characteristics reflected by the data formed by consumer behaviours and habits, from which we can quickly compare the differences between various markets so that sellers can filter out the market that suits their conditions and goals more quickly, rather than focusing on certain top-selling products.

Sales are not equal to profits!

Sorftime guides sellers to no longer blindly do "addition," but first understand the importance of choosing the right direction and obtaining profits. This will help sellers make better decisions to avoid risks, reduce costs, and shorten the investment cycle, resulting in higher and faster investment returns.


Sorftime 作为全球线上数据方案提供商重庆菲欧坦软件开发有限公司的旗下品牌,成立于2017年7月23日。致力于为全球亚马逊卖家提供Amazon各站点客观数据,以提升整个亚马逊卖家群体市场调研所需数据的收集、统计、整理、分析效率及决策效率。




Sorftime, as the inventor of Amazon's full-category sorted product research, relies on independently developed subversive logic to enhance the seller's experience. With the original Amazon "product research Revolution" tutorial listed, it has won recognition from and recommended by many well-known institutions and well-known companies in the industry
2017年,成立 Sorftime 开发团队,开始开发测试优化。
May2018,the ChinaAssociation for Tradein Services and the UnitedNationsConference onTrade and Development signed the Action Plan for Jointly Promoting the Capacity Building of Countries along the Belt and Road Initiative in Beijing.Tim,the founder of Sorftime,was specially hired by the China Association for Trade in Services as the lecturer of the third phase of the Belt and Road Digital Trade (Cross-borderE-commerce) Advanced Seminar.He will teach cross-border e-commerce entrepreneurs in Beijing in May2019
From August 2018, Sorftime was officially launched. Since then, it has been widely praised by users for its unique product research methodology and clear presentation style
In September 2018, Sorftime shared the new logic and new thinking of Amazon’s product research method with tens of thousands of Amazon sellers with an average frequency of two offline activities per week. Softime is recognized by major official institutions and successively invited to participate in industry events such as the 29th China Fair and Trademap Tenfold Growth Summit
In November 2018, the "product research Revolution" was jointly hosted with Trademap and Lianlian Pay for a five-day Livestream across the country. The highest number of viewers reached 526,000 in a single stream, and the total number of views exceeded 2 million, which was once again widely recognized and accepted
March, 2019 Sorftime continues to focus on helping Amazon sellers improve the efficiency of market data analysis, Sorftime launched the "Sorftime 1.0 mobile app free gift activity." Only one hour after the event started, thousands of sellers successively shared event posters, causing a sensation in the industry, and Sofimie once again detonated the Amazon seller circle of friends.
November 2019, The Sorftime star product, Sorftime Save, Amazon front page plug-in version is officially launched. The plug-in uses the click-and-go and all-category visual data reporting method to reflect the market environment and competition. It instantly becomes an indispensable tool for many Amazon sellers
June 2020, Sorftime has officially obtained Amazon's official SPN service provider qualification
September 2020, Chongqing Amazon Seller Incubation Training Center was formally established
December 2020, Chongqing Amazon Seller Incubation Training Center and Amazon Global Open Store successfully held "Let the World Know the New Chongqing"-2021 Amazon Chongqing Seller Launch Conference in Chongqing Creative Park
January 2021, the Sorftime mini-app, Sorftime Show, was officially launched, breaking the traditional thinking and opening up product research using random presentations.
So far, the young team is still working hard to continue push the excitement.


Sorftime 致力于为全球亚马逊卖家提供 Amazon 全球12大站点客观数据,6-8小时实时更新数据,以提升整个亚马逊卖家群体市场调研所需数据的收集、统计、整理、分析效率及决策效率。


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