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How to use Softime Save after the plug-in is installed?
Sorftime Save插件安装成功后,如何快速上手使用?
Which marketplaces does Softime Save support and how to switch marketplaces?
The Sorftime Save currently supports the US, the UK, Spain, Germany, France, India, Japan, Canada, Italy, Mexico, Australia and the Middle East marketplace, a total of 12 marketplaces, you can switch the site directly in the plug-in, as shown in the figure: Sorftime Save插件支持哪些站点&如何切换站点使用?
What happens when the Sorftime Save plug-in always disappears automatically after the the plug-in is successfully installed?
This problem occurs because of the browser settings. You only need to uninstall and reinstall the browser before installing the plug-in.
After the Sorftime Save plug-in subscriptions expires, can I change the subscription plan & how to renew
When the Sorftime Save plug-in is renewed, you can change quarterly or yearly subscription. There will be a reminder message when it expires, just click the reminder to renew the plan.
After using it for a while, what should I do if I find that I don't know how to analyze the market?
Sorftime has a small webinar every Wednesday to learn about market analysis. You can also search for "Sorftime" on the "Yizhibo" platform to view the replays of previous live webinars, which will help improve your ability to analyze the market.
How to download, install, login Softime Save plug-in?
The Sorftime Save plug-in supports the PC version of Google Chrome, Firefox and 360 browsers. You can use any of the above browsers. Enter in the address bar, find the download and purchase, select the PC plug-in, and click the corresponding browser to install the sorftime Save plug-in.
Can the Sorfitme Save plug-in be installed on different computers or installed on multiple computers?
The Sorftime Save plug-in does not restrict the use of devices, but multiple devices cannot log in at the same time. When changing computers, you need to register your mobile phone to receive the verification code to log in.
Can the Sorftime Save plugin set an account and password to log in?
Sorry, currently the Sorftime save plugin only supports the mobile phone number used for registration and purchase, and does not currently support account password login.
How to modify the mobile phone number for the Sorftime Save plug-in?
The Sorftime Save plug-in does not support self modification of mobile phone numbers. If you need to change the registered mobile phone number, please contact the after-sales customer service (purchase proof and other related information are required)
Does the Sorftime Save plug-in support keyword search and single product detail page data analysis?
The Sorftime Save plug-in provides data analysis of the top 100 Amazon Best Sellers in a category. When you browse the top 100 Best Sellers for a category, the Sorftime Save plug-in will automatically load the data; currently, keyword search and single product data analysis are not supported.
How is the estimated monthly sales data calculated?
Sorftime has a unique algorithm for estimating sales. Based on a variety of situations, we will use multiple dimensions including (traffics, exposure, click, conversion, inventory, and recent comprehensive performance to calculate, and estimate sales data for the next 30 days.
How authentic and accurate is the estimated sales data?
According to feedback from most of our member sellers, Sorftime estimates that the deviation of sales data is about 15%. If the products have variants or without major categories, the deviation of the sales data of will be slightly larger.
What is the difference between Sorftime software and plug-ins? How can it help the seller?
The Sorftime software function includes all the functions of the plug-in version, and supports using different dimension sort for quick category and product research, picking the suitable products for development and launch.
Sorftime plug-in can read a single market segment of the Best Sellers, suitable for tracking operation.
What is the registration code of the Sorftime software? Can it be used in the plug-in version?
The registration code is a string of 16-digit codes randomly generated by letters and numbers, which can be obtained by receiving the trial version or through purchasing the full version. The code is used during registration and login; it cannot be applied to the plug-in version.
What is the node id used in Sorftime software?
Sorftime软件里运用到的node id是什么?
After the Sorftime software is successfully installed and binded to a computer, can it be replaced?
After the software is successfully registered and logged in, it is binded to a computer for use. In special circumstances such as computer update iteration, you can apply for a replacement computer. Contact after-sales customer service to apply to rebinding.
How to use the keepa tool in Sorftime software?
How to use the Sorftime software after successfully logging in? Is there a tutorial on how to use it?
The software contains a tutorial video page for quick start, and all functions of the software will be introduced in detail. Video tutorial click to view
Can an invoice be issued after the purchase is successful? When can I generally receive it?
Search for "Sorftime" on the WeChat official account and follow it and click "My" in the menu bar to select the invoice opening area. Generally, the invoice e-mail will be sent in about 3 working days.
What is the difference between the Sorftime trial and full version?
The software trial version has no expirly date but can view only part of the data of the full version, mainly to quickly demo the function and product research method of the software. You can contact the sales consultant to demonstrate all the functions and trial of full version of the software
How to set the Sorftime open browser to the designated browser?
Just set the default system browser to the designated browser Sorftime软件跳转浏览器如何设置为指定浏览器?
Does Sorftime software support changing phone number?
In order to ensure the rights of paying members, if the account information needs to be changed, the relevant transaction vouchers and written instructions must be provided. Contact the after-sales customer service to apply for changing the phone number. Thank you for your understanding and support