This is the product research kills that afflects more than 200k Amazon sellers

Start with low risk. Picking the most suited, low cost and profitiable "racing track“

Industry's first, big data product research

All categories, sorted, open up product research vision

Sorftime uses big data, integrates all category data of Amazon, and uses the sorting method for quick comparison. This helps sellers find the most suited product to sell quickly and improving chance of profitability.

Innovative product research methodology

Find products based on the future explosive growth trend

product research iis the future. Sorftime is based on actual category sales years of historic data, combined with an exclusive algorithm to present you a list of sales growth product ranking from high to low in any month of the next year. After discovering the category market and the time period of its hot trend, we can plan for the the production schedule, build the listings, and prepared funds for promotion to seize traffic.


Quick view Amazon Best Sellers

Operation Helper, Tree structure perfectly corresponds to the Amazon Best Sellers. Quickly view the entire category structure. Click on a category to get any category data without jumping to Amazon site

快速查看Amazon Best Sellers

Discovery is the prerequisite for product research

Sorting is the prerequisite for product research

Try Sorftime Save To Analyze Market

Sorftime quickly generates market reports based on big data intelligent algorithms.
Through these reports, we can quickly understand the market monopoly, whether there are big sellers or big brands, the number of reviews, review ratings, competitive product pricing strategies and other core elements to help sellers quickly assess market risks.
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Sorftime Save Plug-in

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Forecast operational possibility

According to our own situation, estimate the amount of investment in the early stage of new product launch and whether it can continue to generate profits after stabilization

Select blueprint

Skip products that are still in the promotion period, and look for a representative product as a blueprint

After discovering and understanding the market competition environment of the category, select the top 100 products under the category in reverse order of the shelf time, combined with the Keepa report, select products that have passed the promotion period and have a certain degree of acquaintance with your own products. Their sales prices, monthly sales volume and keywords are the bases on calculations.


Use Sorftime exclusive calculator to calculate profit and loss

Using this revenue calculator, we can calculate whether there is a profit when 100% of the traffic comes from CPC promotion and the conversion rate is not high (for example, when the initial conversion rate is only 10%) in the early stage of operation. At the same time, we can also calculate the initial CPC advertising investment cost, distribution volume, logistics, warehousing costs, and etc.
By adjusting keywords (this calculator automatically gives keyword suggested bids) and parameters such as their bids, CPC conversion ratio, and etc., we can predict the operating profitability.

Build good products

How to create a listing with a conversion rate that is 10% higher than the category average?

One methodology generates N types of operating strategies

Amazon's global market is large enough, with different sellers, circumstances and preferences, and the business model will be different.
This methodology is to reveal the risks for you, and to choose categories that are suitable for you to continue to make profits.